Sunday, February 23, 2014

Well, Those Four Months Went Fast.

Not gonna lie- I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on the past four months.

Just know this: They were crazy, they were busy, they were colorful, they were full of doctor's appointments and nails that needed to be clipped and disaster haircuts and eczema on little knees that was cured by wearing little girl leggings (not even joking). And, most honestly, they were filled with a ton of mom guilt about not documenting the every day.

You see- when I started writing this blog, it was for fun and when I started learning photography, that was for fun, too. What I didn't expect was that, in a few short years, I would get really, really good at photography and that I would enjoy photographing other people more than I enjoyed photographing my own children. Three years ago, I didn't know what it meant when someone said "1.8" in relation to a lens and I did not expect photography to consume my world like it has. I expected, like I expected growing up, that I would be a stay at home with a small hobby of taking photographs once in a while.

That's not what's happened.

And, truthfully, I believe that this was always how it was supposed to go- that I was supposed to become a wedding and portrait photographer in a big way, not a side business way. My business is still small and still has an enormous amount to grow but, from where Andrew and I are sitting, there are some extremely exciting things happening right now. It's taken a lot of late nights and lots of crying (from me, obviously) and lots of sacrifice that I never expected to make, but things are starting to unfold a little easier and, for that, I am incredibly grateful.

As for Henry? He is grateful for neon leggings and Dorito's because, well, a Henry without a messy face is anything but the Henry we have come to know and love (side note: he is the CRAZIEST and the cutest!!)

And Max? Well. See for yourself!

Happy Sunday!-4-2 Happy Sunday!-4

This is him singing "I am a Child of God". And, no, he can't play the ukelele at all but he sure can strum those strings while singing a primary song! Love him and the fact that he has looked exactly the same since his first birthday. He is the biggest gem and we can't get enough of him.

Sidenote: Andrew is obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.
Also, pretty sure I am about to make some chocolate chip cookies.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Hue of You

I know. I am the biggest family blog slacker ever because, well, things have been busy.

And one of the things causing that?! THIS!

I have photography Breakout (basically a mini-workshop in the form of a PDF and videos) launching on Clickin' Moms today! You can read all about it here. I'd love to see some familiar faces there!

Monday, November 18, 2013


photo-201 photo-200 photo-199 photo-198

Monday is not my favorite day of the week. I mean, I like it. It's alright. And, on some Mondays, we basically just wear our pajamas (or PAND-jamas as Maxwell likes to say) and the boys build block towers at my feet while I edit. But! On this Monday! I woke up, got dressed, dressed the boys, and then cleaned out my closet, the bookcases, did the laundry and the dishes, and then cleaned the fans, too.

You guys- I hate cleaning fans.
And our fans? They were past kinda-gross and had skipped all the way to plenty-gross.
Like, I had to get re-dressed after I cleaned them. It was a hot mess. The boys loved it.

Aside from cleaning, we had a play date (hooray!) and, during our post-playdate-errands, Maxwell crashed in the car. And here's the thing: Max always falls asleep in the car. Not every time we drive, obviously, but if it's in the afternoon and we drive for more than twenty minutes, he is completely, totally, and absolutely out. And Henry? Yeah... No. Henry will only sleep in complete darkness and refuses to take naps if something exciting is going on- and he thinks that something exciting is always going on. Like, no matter how dark we make his room or how much we rock him or how soft we make his blanket, he won't nap on the weekends when he knows Andrew is home and, also no matter what, he never sleeps in the car (unless it's total darkness and- you guessed it!- Andrew is not in the car). So! Today. We drove around after Maxwell fell asleep, picked up our main man when he beat us home (hello, Andrew!), drove to the store, and then Henry partied like an only child while Max slept for FOUR more hours until we finally woke him up at 8:00.

He's been watching TV and eating strawberries snuggled up to his Daddy ever since.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Maximillian the Helper

Today, while Henry slept, we made cookies.
Max helped of course.


He LOVES making cookies and helping with dinner and with bringing extra bits of sunshine into our home (also dirt). But! He does not like behaving in church (homeboy almost got taken home today when he kept throwing fits and unfolding chairs during Sacrament Meeting) and he does not like cleaning up his messes, either. One of the most corner-inducing phrases in our house is "Mama! YOU clean it up! You clean up my mess!" because, really, he doesn't like chores but when you say "Will you help me?", he is all about helping. All. About. It.


Especially when it means wearing oven mitts and sneaking cookie dough.


Also, tonight after church, we watched a movie and he pulled out a brush and brushed my hair for at least twenty minutes. Annnnd my mama heart burst and burst a little more when he sat in front of me and let me comb his hair for ten minutes and then sat on my lap for another ten. He is the sweetest when he's not being extra naughty. And when he has had a super I'm-a-three-year-old-boy kinda day, he always makes up for it by going to bed early. So, really, that's a win for Andrew and I either way.

PS. Today, Henry went with me to Young Women's and cruised over, like, six different girl's laps and called each one Anna. Apparently someone knows what his aunt's name is (confession: she was the first person he walked to).

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bath Bros.

These two.
These blonde haired, blue eyed, crazy guys.
They are becoming the best of friends.

Bath Bros-1 Bath Bros-2Bath Bros-5 Bath Bros-6

It has been amazing to watch Henry grow up with Max as an older brother. Max has always loved to call Henry "his baby" and loves talking about all of his baby ways but, this week, he has started calling him "My Little Kid" because now he can do things like walk and say "Go! Go! Go!" while playing with dinosaurs and "Vroom!" when playing with cars and, most importantly, he is really good at waving action figures in the air to make them fly. And Max loves it. And then he hates it. And then he loves it some more because the only thing worse than a brother who shares all your toys is when mom takes all the toys away unless everyone shares. So! Spoiler! We are getting really good at sharing at the Chandler house.

Except I'm still not very good at sharing blankets and, today, I ate a good chunk of the chocolate chip cookies all on my lonesome. But! At least I shared most of 'em!

Friday, November 15, 2013

It Goes So, SO Fast.


Lately, this kiddo is a Mama's Boy who walks into our bedroom every morning with his favorite blanket- the one my mom made me when I was three- and he rubs his sleepy eyes, hands the blanket to me, and climbs into bed until his little body is squished against mine. It always seems like he will, but he never goes back to sleep and instead starts grabbing my face and talking three miles a minute and, as much as I love it, some mornings it drives me crazy because I never get enough sleep but, somehow, every morning, he wins me over with his little smile and his excited voice and the way he says "I love you, too, Mama." and the way he squeals "No!!" when I ask him if he dreamed about dinosaurs fighting stars or penguins wearing tuxedos or zebras partying with lions.

He has brought three years and four months and two and a half weeks of magic into my life and those days have gone so fast and, you guys, it's going faster every day. I love this little man of mine. To put it lightly, he's a peach.

PS. A week or two ago, he stood in the living room wearing no shirt and a Wolverine mask and basketball shorts and bare feet and said "Oh Sh-t. Sh-t. Sh-t." There's a first time for everything, right? Even swears.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sir Huckles the Mischievous

Hey!-1 Hey!-2

So, here's the thing about Henry: I am never going to write enough about him.

Part of that is because he is my second child. I have been around this block before. Sure, the block is pretty different and, actually, nothing is really the same, but at the same time things ARE the same. A baby is a baby is a baby, y'know? I mean, sometimes you just can't say anything more or much of anything at all because all you really want to do is squeeze their cheeks over and over and over and kiss the wispy hair on the top of their heads and nibble on their tiny toes before, y'know, they become gross. Cause everyone has gross toes! Just not before they can walk.

But here's the main part of why I'll never write enough about Henry: Henry is just magic. He is the sweetest. He is a mama's boy with a golden heart and the most mischievous personality in the entire world. Max is my obedient child. He is ridiculously stubborn and super focused and super happy and, well, amazingly awesome, but also, he is my obedient child. On Friday, one of his friends came over and stood on our porch railing and Max just about blew a gasket telling him that "Climbing on the RAIL is not ALLOWED at MY house!!!" because, if I didn't mention it already, he is Sir Bossypants.

Love him.

Back to Henry: Henry has this little twinkle in his eye that just means he is going to be trouble. And he is trouble! First off- he will turn thirteen months tomorrow and he still doesn't walk. And it's not because he can't! I have seen him walk from one side of the kitchen to the other and I have seen him walk to me for chocolate chips. He has been cruising since he was seven months old and, still, he mostly just speed crawls everywhere and laughs at us when we try to coax him into walking- like, "Nice try, Mom, but why would I do that when you can hold me?". And I realize that what I just described isn't that mischievous, but what is mischievous is the way we find him standing on tables- last week Andrew found him sitting on my work table between my desktop and my camera bag full to the brim with equipment- and the way he just disappears. One second he's next to you and the next, he's vanished. When Max vanishes, you hear him. When Henry vanishes, you have to pray he wants to be found because he is like a freaking fox. He just disappears! It's seriously unnerving but also kinda awesome. I mean, maybe we are raising a ninja.

Besides that, he is smart. Today, he picked up a dinosaur and shouted "Go! Go! Go!" as he made it race across the chair (and, yes, this was at Sacrament Meeting and, yes, we were sitting in the very back of the overflow because, really, we never get anywhere on time now-a-days). His favorite toys are cars and more cars and then more cars and he also loves grabbing super hero action figures- not the Little People figures but Max's action figures- and making them fly in the sky over and over and over. He calls each super hero "Bah-Mah!" (translation: Batman) and screams "MAMA!!" whenever I walk away from him and will respond "Yes" to questions (and he means it!) and has started saying "Oh No!" and thinks that everything is a phone- especially his baby monster.

Also, he is the giggliest and has the softest skin and is just the most perfect child ever. I am going to miss his babyhood so hard when he gets older but, at the same time, I find comfort knowing that, even though I still miss Max as a baby with overwhelming force, I traded that baby in for a pretty rocking awesome three year old. And Henry will be the same way.

Halloween This Year.

This year, Max was The Flash and Henry was Yoda.
Andrew wore a Chewbacca shirt (however it's spelled!) and I wore a Robin shirt.
It looked like this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.48.05 PM Halloween-4 Halloween-14 Halloween-1 Halloween-15 Halloween-16

So! Anyway, photographs aside, our Halloween afternoon was incredibly crazy. For starters, Max and Henry had been swapping colds since Saturday night and, on Thursday, I was a hot mess (I use the term "hot" loosely) of a cold. The day had already been crazy- Max got to wear his costume to preschool, we parked by a (rank) dead bird at a parking lot and Max wouldn't stop talking about it all day, we met Andrew for lunch and afterwards we had a huge melt down in the super crowded candy aisle of Wal-Mart and, really, my kids were thrilled to Trick or Treat. Or at least Max was. Henry was just being Mister Sneakypants like usual.

I am getting away with myself.

My whole story is this: After a crazy day, I got the kids ready with thirty minutes to spare before heading to our friend's house. Our church's ward activity had been cancelled the night before because of rain and I was super excited to get the boys in their costumes and go. They took a long bath and then I put their costumes on. And they LOVED them! Max was flashing across the apartment, Henry was grabbing at his ears and laughing, and I was able to put makeup on without a child sitting on my foot.

And then! THEN!

I had the nerve to put on my Robin shirt.
The Robin shirt I bought when Henry was going to be Batman but before we realized all the Batman costumes were gone and I ordered a Yoda costume on Amazon instead.

The Robin shirt had a cape.

Now. I know not everyone is as well versed in superheroes as I have become in the past year, so I'll just tell you: The Flash doesn't wear a cape. So, when I put on a cape, there was some serious drama. Costumes were ripped off, tears were shed, socks were taken off, hairspray was wasted- I had a serious Halloween meltdown on my hands.

So. I took a deep breath, found Max's superman cape and his Batman boots and, by the time Andrew came home, I was pulling boots onto a new character called Super Flash- super for the cape and Flash for the rest of the outfit. And all was right in the world.

Except Henry's world. I made him wear the Yoda ears and I can honestly say I'll never regret it.
My boys are CUTE.
(And that includes you, Andrew C.)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Henry the Night Roller


Wellllll. I haven't blogged in over a month and have let super important events slip by undocumented (Henry turned ONE!!!!), but tonight after I finished nursing Henry, Andrew and I started laughing about how, every night, no matter what, as soon as he is done, Henry flails his arms in the air and rolls over two or three times until he is laying on top of his Daddy's chest. It doesn't matter whether Andrew is asleep or awake or somewhere in between- every night, on cue, our little crazy haired wonder finds his man.

And, really, I just love that.
And we love that little baby so much that sometimes it feels like our hearts are going to explode.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

These Two.

Just two of my three main men looking good after church.


I like to call the one below "No, Daddy, Noooooo!!"


I mean, the kid just wants to be kissed when he wants to be kissed (read: not in this photograph) and he really wanted to chase after the baby snake that Max was spellbound by as we took these photographs. Also, in Sunday School today, Henry learned how to throw his Little People Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and LDS Missionary (what a combo, eh?) across the room as hard as he could so that he could crawl after them as fast as his legs could carry him.

I really love eleven month olds. 
Also three year olds.
And also my husband. Ever since he was twenty-two. I can't believe we are coming up on our fifth year (dating!) anniversary but at the same time, I have a really hard time picturing my life without him and his nerdy, comic book reading ways so there's that. Love him, even when he's sitting on the couch in old pajama pants eating oatmeal out of a coffee cup as he procrastinates his homework.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sometimes, your crib gets crashed.

Crib Crasher-2 Crib Crasher-3
Crib Crasher-1 Crib Crasher-4 Crib Crasher-6 Crib Crasher-7

... And then you get it back to yourself and all is right with the world once again. At least until you realize that it's naptime.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


photo-189 photo-190

This afternoon, after coming home from lunch with Daddy and an hour of Max running around at the library (yep! we are that family!), we came home to a box at the door.

But first! A little back story. When packages come, Andrew often opens them with a butter knife. We've never talked about this with Max but, earlier this week, three or four packages came in during Henry's naptime. I work while Henry sleeps (Max usually destroys the living room in a massive war of Super Heroes or we build him a tent or he sits next to me and pretends to work on his computer... which usually ends with him sitting on my lap looking up animals), so I stacked the boxes behind me and kept working. Max got kinda quiet, though, so I turned and looked at the boxes and found him standing on top of all of the boxes with a plastic butter knife trying to open one of the cardboard boxes.

And here's the good part: He opened one of the packages! With a plastic butter knife!

So! When the package came today, I sat down to open it with Huck in my lap and Max squealed "A package for ME?!?!?", zoomed into the kitchen and then zoomed back to the living room, a pink, plastic, child knife in hand. We opened the box together and, when he found several toys from his Mimi and Grandpa, he danced around the entire apartment and, once Henry went to sleep, "shared" all of his Henry's toys with himself.

No worries, though, as soon as Henry woke up he "shared" Max's toys as well. And by sharing, I mean he chewed all of them up with his brand new (and eighth!) tooth. Also, he speed crawled out onto the patio today and, when I caught up with him, he was sitting in a chair. Homeboy would probably climb up a five story building with no ledges if we let him. And he'd grin the whole time he did it.

Monday, September 09, 2013


Tonight, we bought a fish named George.

Or, more precisely, we bought a blue beta fish at Pet Smart and, as we walked to the car and Maxwell clutched to the fish's food and water purifier, we asked him what he wanted to name his new pet and Max said "Doorge". 

"Thor?" Andrew asked.
"Torch?" I asked.
"No," Max said, "I want to name him Doorge. DOOR-ge."
"Oh, you want to name him George?" I asked.
"Huh?!" Andrew said at the same time as his eyebrows came together.
So, I looked at Andrew and said, "George. He wants to name him George."
And Max grinned the toothiest grin of toothy grins and said, "DOORGE! My fish is named DOORGE!"

Also, I can't write this post without two little shot outs.

One, to Mister Hucklebuck the First who nearly plummeted to his death from his father's arms when we turned down the aisle away from the fish tanks. Henry really wanted to buy every fish in the joint and, as Max aptly pointed out, he started freaking as soon as we turned away from the tanks.

And Two! All day Max told me that he was going to name his new pet fish "Dinosaur!" (Dinosaur, not ROAR, both of which were discussed this morning) and, as we drove to the store, he informed us that his Dinosaur fish was going to be named T-Rex. Not "The T-Rex", just T-Rex.

I have no idea where George came from, but Andrew and I are happy about this development because when George inevitably dies, we will be able to rename our second fish George the Second and our kids will maybe think it's the same fish as before, especially if George dies before his time. If you're going to have "First, Second, and Third" after your name, there really is no better name then George and, if you're a fish, mortality rates aren't exactly working in your favor (though I am crossing my fingers and toes that this fish will live for his 2-3 year life expectancy).

So! Welcome to the fam, little fish. Your tank is out of the reach of little hands, but don't be surprised when you find me or Andrew holding two little boys up to your tiny aquarium as you dart back and forth between your fern and Captain America figurine. Really, those little hands won't hurt you. At least probably not. Also, I am really tired.

So! Pictures! Two of them!

Black and White Day 16. George the Fish-1

PS. It has been nearly three months and I can say with complete sincerity that getting rid of Napoleon was absolutely one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. We miss that little stinker who used to invade our bed every night and thought he owned the world. But! I don't miss Henry being sick all the time so a trade off is a trade off. Poor babies- they loved each other so much!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Weekend Blues.

Weekends go too fast.

I'm gonna say that again: Weekends go too fast.
Also babies. Babies grow up too fast. So fast it kinda hurts.

photo-188 photo-187

We arrived to church on time today- so on time that we were able to snag a booth and not the very back row of the overflow- and, forty-five minutes in, Andrew took Henry out screaming for the third time and Max squealed "My Daddy!!!!!!" and went running after them as soon as he realized he had been left behind- which, of course, meant that I was left behind in a pew full of scattered toys and scriptures and, in less than five seconds, I threw everything into my bag as I heard a huge wooden door slam behind my child as I ran up the aisle to hunt him down- and yes, I totally ran. Then, when we got into the foyer and Max realized that he was going to be put in the corner for being naughty, he held his head super high and proud... high and proud, at least, until he realized that sitting in the foyer meant no toys, so he promptly tried to run back into the chapel which was a whole other debacle by itself.

Henry crawled around laughing the entire time.

Speaking of, Henry is super goofy and I know that one of my biggest regrets in my life will be that I was too spent to sit back at the end of the day and write about all the funny things he did the first year of his life. Today, he wore a green bow tie to church and sported shoes for the first time and he crawled into the building's kitchen and pulled down a stack of bowls down onto the floor before I had even turned my back.

Speaking of, when I was nine years old, we were in a new ward in a building that was under construction and my Primary class was in the kitchen. The shoes I had on were slippery and, when I walked into the kitchen in front of a whole bunch of nine and ten year olds I had never met, I slipped and fell flat on my face, spread eagle on my stomach, totally frozen with embarrassment and so red-faced my lips blended in with my cheeks. I was mortified. But! Sometimes you just fall on your face, y'know?

Also? If you're ready for another cliche- there are never enough hours in the day.
Because really! There really, really aren't and my babies are growing up too fast while I'm busy cleaning the kitchen and editing photographs and staying up so late that I'm cross-eyed as I walk into my bathroom and mistake Henry's toothbrush for my own. Annnnnd that's a post.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

An Enormous List of Recent Photographs.


Baby Bo-4

Beach Family Photographs by Fayetteville Family Photographer Lissa Chandler

Lightroom PIF-3
Cassie and Tim

Cassie and Tim Engagements-8

The Olive Tree Salon


My In-Laws!


Lynh and Clay


The Tanner Family


And lots, lots more that I don't have uploaded to Flickr right now and am way too lazy to pull up and resize. Go check them out! My website is seriously cute right now.

And, since there's never enough of him on this blog (and hey! He's the person I write this for anyway!), here's a photograph of my husband looking super dreamy.

Andrew Booth-4