Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hey Mama

Hey Mama. This post is for you. Like usual.
We went to Color Me Mine today and it was splendid. You would like it. In fact, you would like it so much that you would have taken me and Anna there as small children. There was a little girl there this morning with a rumpled blue dress and blonde hair and a paint smudge on her cheek. She kept catching my eye and laughing. I told her hi when she stood by me at the paint bottles. She grinned. I bet she was all kinds of trouble, and I know I was that much trouble when I was that little. And I am probably that much trouble now (when I have the time to be).

Also, Mama, today I did something you would not be that proud of. Andrew came over for dinner when he had a break from work and guess what I wore? Pajama pants. I'm not ashamed. I wore pajama pants I've had since high school. Maybe even junior high. They're the light blue old navy ones that have weird lookin' green and white flowers. I cut them off at the knees in the ninth grade and sometimes I would be sneaky and wear them to church activities and even to school and if my professors questioned their clothing status, I would say they were capris or gauchos or something un-pajama like so I would not get into trouble. It was not a lie though, because they hit where capris do and they swing baggily like gauchos (by the way, I believe gauchos are so heinous they should be outlawed). Do you remember when I got sent to the principal's office for wearing pajama pants in high school? I was so mad. But then again, I have never liked dress codes. In fact, I think the only (or at least main) reason I wore pajama pants was because you thought they were sloppy and I thought they were comfortable and I did what I wanted. (Side note: About an hour ago, Andrew tried to teach me to say "I do what I want" in spanish. I did not want to say it in spanish because my mouth does not work that way and it is embarrassing for your boyfriend to hear you stutter a language they not only speak but teach. BUT maybe I could learn it just so I could say it in front of Nathan and then he would make fun of me). I am ready for warm weather when I do not have to wear pants. They're so constricting.

ALSO today I did go tanning like I told you I would. That is why I got off the phone with you. I had to talk to the girl behind the counter. She was tan and she had freckles, but the only reason that is relevant is because I am tan and I have freckles which is a weird combination. Then I went tanning and I did not strip completely naked. I only say this because I know it will make you feel better about the hygiene of tanning beds. So, I laid there and the fake sun felt so so good and before I knew it fifteen minutes were up. And as usual (when I wear clothing), I checked to see if I had any tan lines and I did not. Which is bogus. BUT I just checked and they are there. My legs are tanner already. I love being part Mexican. Cha ching.

That is really all I have to say today.
Now I will call you and tell you to read.