Sunday, February 22, 2009

High School Bedroom/When I Was Eighteen.

am in my high school bedroom. Being in my high school bedroom always turns back the time in my head. It's like I never left but at the same time, it's like I've never been here. Mostly because all of my stuff is out of it and the walls aren't yellow anymore and all of my photographs and sketches are pulled down. Now it's a guest bedroom.

Today I went to my home ward and left after sacrament to finish some homework (I didn't finish) and start David's birthday dinner. We're pressed for time since my flight leaves at 7 something and Nathan heads home right after the baptism.

Besides being in my high school bedroom, I'm also typing on my old laptop that now belongs to my baby sister. Except she's not a baby. She is eighteen years old which blows my mind. And it makes me think of what I was like at eighteen.

When I was eighteen, I usually spelled my name "Elisa" only sometimes using "Lissa"
When I was eighteen, I stopped scrapbooking and started painting and focused on taking real photographs.
When I was eighteen, my hair was short and straight. Until I found out it was wavy.
When I was eighteen, I would hide out in my room when I came home.
When I was eighteen, I was not planning on going to college anywhere at anytime.
When I was eighteen, I decided I would go to Mizzou two and a half weeks before graduation because my best friends were going there and I did not want to get left alone.
When I was eighteen, my brother Nathan was already married
When I was eighteen, my brother Josh was dating my best friend and he was in boot camp and about to be shipped to Iraq.
When I was eighteen, my other best friend got married two weeks after her eighteenth birthday.
When I was eighteen, I kissed a boy I met in Florida who had been kicked out of BYU-Idaho for starting a fraternity.
When I was eighteen, I thought skinny jeans were atrocious but wore them a few months later.
When I was eighteen, I had a puppy named Suzie Q.
When I was eighteen, I played on the tennis team and I complained about being too tan.
When I was eighteen, I moved out of my house.
When I was eighteen, I wanted to be twenty-five. Or at least twenty-one.

And I don't feel nostagic. Not one bit. Because I am so glad I am not eighteen anymore.
Oh. And I was twenty in the picture above. Not eighteen. And I lived in Salt Lake. Not Lee's Summit.