Monday, February 02, 2009

Sleepin' in the SC.

Today I have done not one, but a few things.

I went to Women's History where I had to write about a reading I did not do and then I went to work and then my boss took us out to lunch and a lady who knew our boss told us (me and aimee) to never, ever marry a returned missionary who had been home less than two years and to remember that 50% of LDS marriages end in divorce and pretty much if we wanted to be happy, never ever get married. She also told us about her smokin' (literally) great-great grandmother who loved religion but loved her vices and it was awesome. After that I went to class late, because of the lady telling us stories, and then I had a pop quiz on the first emo kid (Poe, duh) and I did not know what to say because truthfully, I opted out of the reading because I read the poem six or seven months ago and I wanted to cuddle on the couch instead. But let's be realistic, if Jane Austen had the choice of actullay being with a super sweet, cute boy orwriting about one, she would have picked being with one. And since I was supposed to also be finishing a Jane Austen book, I say this comment to make myself feel better. Then I went back to work and I fell asleep reading letters. Yes, I fell asleep. So, since my hours for the day were already surpassed, I left work and now I am waiting for my next class to start up and it will be ridiculously good. Or boring. Only time will tell. I've never been on an editing staff before. I'm hoping I like it which I should, because I read most the papers and the papers I didn't read, Andrew read them to me. La. La. La.