Friday, March 20, 2009


In case you're curious, I'm still distracted. And I'm missing Women's History. Again. Because I am distracted (also because I just woke up). Moreover, I'm going to turn in an English paper late. I've never turned a paper in late. Ever. Not in elementary school (do they have papers in elementary school?). Not in junior high (when I got accused of plagiarism by Mrs. Davis). Not in high school (when I sometimes had to sit in the hallway for talking or laughing too much. Like this one time my friend and I gave a presentation and we laughed so hard our teacher kicked us out. During our presentation). AND Not in college. Definitely not in college, because in college, I get bugged if I have anything lower than an "A". This semester, I'll be lucky to get something besides a "C". Actually, I might just be lucky to get a "C". We will see. I used to be the most focused woman in the world. Now I walk around all the time thinking "La La La... Love Love Love... La La La". And I love it. Because, even if I failed out this semester (which would never, ever happen), I would look back and think "La La La... Love Love Love... La La La" and grin. Because life is that silver lined right now.

So if you think it can't happen to you, you are wrong. Cause I thought it never would for me. Ever.
(I was wrong)