Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lazy Lazy

Sometimes I am really lazy. Like today. I slept in until 10. And it felt so wonderful. Then my new plates (so cute) and new shower curtain (so adorable) came in and I talked to Lexi about unmentionable things that are a little nerve wracking. Then I talked to my Mama about plans and reservations for 30 minutes where I found out my little bro is so sick he's on like 4 kinds of medicine. Noah is just so cute, even when he is so sick. He's just a nice little boy. I love him. Then I reserved a study room, which I want to try and see if they're a good idea. Andrew and I make a group, because a group makes 2. I can't study at home, but I feel suffocated studying in the library when I'm with another person. I like to be able to talk if I want to talk. Thus the group study room is fabulous. I'm gonna get so much done! I'm late to work right now because I need to be there in 13 minutes and I have not showered. Gross, I know.

I just feel so... happy and excited and distracted that I do not want to focus, especially when I know I can push things back. I also sometimes need some alone time, which I am invoking right now. I was in a really bad mood last night, so I'm glad I got the extra sleep and conversations in. BUT I really, really don't like to be told what to do. I never have. Maybe I should work on that. My mama always described it as "you were always going to do the right thing, you were just going to do it how you wanted to." So true. Families are great, and I am so excited that in a determined amount of time, I will have a second one. Really I will have three, and one main one. A new one. And that is so exciting and it was so random and unexpected. No wonder I have trouble focusing.

On another note, I need to be so much better about taking pictures and writing. Those are my favorite things. I got the cutest blue journal which helps with writing, but I still have to remember. Sometimes I can't think about anything besides the person in the picture above, as wonderfully cheesy as that sounds. This picture was last Thursday right after (or maybe right before) Andrew and I made a very important phone call about a very important date (June 25th). Life is just so exciting. And I am so content and happy and I like that I finally found someone who fits without making him fit. I dated around for a long long time (almost 7 years) before I found one I wanted for keeps. But this one stuck. And I love it. And I love him.

I probably shouldn't write that on my blog because my ring finger is still bare. Oh well. Too late.