Friday, April 10, 2009


We really like each other, I promise.

And we are getting married JUNE 25th. Which is in 77 days.

I'm ahead on the blog business (especially because currently my last name is Bogart, not Chandler), but I can write this or write about my Renaissance prostitution paper or drink that nasty herbal tea I've consigned myself to. So I choose to write on this here blog.

And I'm going to be super cheesy while I'm at it. Because I'm engaged.

Andrew and I met last summer, right after he got off his mission. He moved in with his brother in the apartment across the hall. He lived so close that the window to his room faced my door. But we never talked. Ever. That's actually not true. He moved here in June, and I went home for all of July. Then in August he moved out of the ward, but before he did my roommates and I stopped by his apartment one night. We talked to his brother and his friends and Andrew sat on the couch going through his music. And me, being the friendly little person that I am, recognized the band he was listening to and I said I liked them. He didn't reply. I felt awkward. (Andrew insists he did but that I just didn't hear him.)

Fast forward four or five months to January 2009. The first Sunday I'm walking home from church this semester, Matt Chandler walks by me and my roommate Lexi. Andrew was with him and Matt said, "Hey do you guys know my brother? He just moved back into the ward." I shrugged and half smiled non compliantly because Andrew and I were facebook friends and, honestly, I thought he was a weirdo because he had a scary emo picture for his profile picture for months last semester. It would come up on my profile and I thought about deleting him as a friend because the picture was just... weird. Which is funny because Andrew says that he always knew he would ask me on a date when we were FB friends. Even though he had a scary picture. And little did I know...

A week or two later my roommate Kendra and I went with some people in our ward to get ice cream after a stake dance. We went to the creamery, and on the way there I complained to Kendra about a boy from the dance who was already texting me. I did not want to talk to him. As soon as I said it, I wished I hadn't (it sounded so bratty and that was not my intention), because I realized a boy was walking right by me. The boy? Andrew Chandler. And as I now know, he was oh-so-happy when I made this comment because it let him know I was single. (He couldn't figure it out on my Facebook page since I deleted my relationship status). Then he came over to our apartment and fell asleep on the floor after he told me ostriches did not really stick their heads into the ground.

Take a breath. We've almost gotten together at this point.

So THEN the next week we had a ward activity I did not want to go to. I had to write a paper, so I went to help set up and ate, then I took my computer outside and worked on homework for an hour before going back in. Someone told me it was Andrew's birthday so when he talked to me and Kendra I told him happy birthday. We didn't really talk during the activity, but apparently when we were cleaning up, I told him that the paint bottles used for the rubber band targets were mine. He thought I was hitting on him, which gave him enough pluck to talk to me for an hour while my roommate country danced on the newly cleared carpet. I asked Andrew what his birthday plans were and he said nothing (which was a lie since he was planning on going to his friends' apartment), so Kendra suggested we invite him over to go to a movie night with us. And really, the rest is history.

The next day he left me a cute note in the testing center that I thought was so adorable. When I got home, I looked up his number and shot him a text to say "Thanks!" meaning that I thought he was cute. Unbeknownst to me, he was having lunch with his friend, finishing a quest he had embarked on to find my number. No one had it and he was bummed. But then he got it. From me. We started texting, but I had to leave for a date and threw my phone in my bag. When I got home five hours later, I saw that Andrew had asked me what my plans for the night were (sent right after I threw my phone in my bag). I texted him back and said "Nothing". And then really, really the rest is history because he held my hand that night. And the next day. And well, every day after that.

We decided to get married within a little over month which is CRAZY but amazing! Especially since Andrew is (gasp!) 4 months younger than me which I never, ever would have considered even looking at. And we met in our ward which is almost as weird. I was so against dating people in my ward it was ridiculous. But, I violated that rule and somehow, Andrew and I, some of the most un-BYU like students at BYU have the most classic BYU dating/marriage story. Because we met in a singles ward. And Andrew's getting married barely a year after his mission ended. But don't worry. I'm not an Elementary Ed major or a Home and Family living major, though I have decided not to go to grad school anymore. A double major is enough.

Oh and I LOVE him. Not only because he is cute. But also because he is nice and good and he lets me do what I want because he does what he wants as well- which always works out for us because usually we want to do the same thing. Almost always.

And that is all. For now.