Saturday, April 18, 2009

So Dreamy

Reasons I want Andrew to come home from work.

1. I love-a him. A lot.
2. I miss him. A lot A lot.
3. I do not like to be home alone
4. I want to cuddle
5. I like everything better when he is around.
6. I could not decide which blog to write this on
7. I put pictures up on Facebook while deciding
8. I don't like putting lots of pictures of Andrew and I on FB (except the 75 that already exist) because I feel like I am bragging. I promise I am not.
9. My eye itches
10. I am cold
11. My nose is cold
12. I want to talk about George Harrison and why there was so much online about him today
13. I want to do my art project for our apartment and I want him to be there when I do it.
14. I love him.
15. I miss him.
16. I have to leave him for 2 weeks 5 days next Saturday.
17. I am lonely when I have down time and he is not around because I feel incomplete and distracted
18. I don't have to wait much longer anymore because he is on his way home.

If you want to vomit in your mouth a little after seeing such an overflow of emotion, I will not judge you. And I doubt love-of-my-life-Andrew would, either.