Friday, July 10, 2009

What Honeymooners Do

The last day of our honeymoon, we did nothing except hang out in our hotel and watch this show and this one. On Oxygen. I don't even like TV, but there's something great about this one. We want Warren to win. Because he is so Latter-day Saint and that's how we base our favorites on EVERYthing (jk, lol, rofl).

And something addictive about this one. I couldn't help it. I was sucked in. I learned about five or six women who killed their lovers. And I would not let Andrew change the channel. It was too interesting. And morbid. And probably not something to watch on your honeymoon. Because it was creepy. Especially this lady. Ew.

However, I do not regret watching.
But sadly, Andrew has banned this channel from our home.