Friday, July 10, 2009

Art and KD

We went to the art museum and mimicked the artwork I've studied in textbooks off and on for almost as long as I can remember. We also kissed in the corner between a yellow painting and a red painting after Andrew accidently sat on a bench- a bench of art. I thought that since he could not recognize a bench of art from a bench of sitting that kissing in an art museum would boost his indie cred. It worked. Except I don't think the security woman appreciated it.

Later that night, I got to be reunited with Kelly Dalton, one of my very best friends from my first year of college at Mizzou. She is the nicest girl ever and is super cute and I LOVE her. And don't worry, she approved of my man. So much that she said, "He's exactly what I would picture you marrying." And her picture of my dream man was right, because we had been married for seven days when she said this statement.

Here's a couple pictures of us after dinner:

This picture of me and KD is a little fuzzy, and I sadly could not fix it but you get the jist. She is a gem of a friend and I wish we still lived in the same place.