Friday, July 10, 2009

We Like Roller Coasters and Caverns

We went to Six Flags and my dreamy, dangerous man blacked out on the Batman Ride. I could lie and tell you that he blacked out because of the intensity of the ride, but that would not be the full truth. Though he thought the ride was amazing, he ultimately blacked out because he was convinced Batman was going to be somewhere on the ride. He was so excited he could not stay conscious.

We also went to this cavern place somewhere off the interstate. It was fun. And it was so dark that we could not see our hands when we put them in front of our faces. We learned a lot about Jesse James and how he was tricky. I told Andrew about Cole Younger and how
1.) we have a nephew named after him and
2.) how he is buried in Lee's Summit because he made it his home after he quit being a professional rebel.
Andrew did not believe that a person named Cole Younger existed despite my stories since Cole's picture was not on the wall of rebels, unlike Jesse and Frank James.

Eventually during our tour, I had to take the camera away from Andrew because he kept taking pictures like this:

This was his best one.
(I actually have no idea who took this picture, but I'm putting my money on him)