Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Want to be Better

I wanted to put in a plug for this website. It has such a good purpose! The blog, called Make Under my Life, is written by a jewelry designer living in Chicago. Though she blogs about her life, she also talks about ways the reader can make their lives better, simpler. She does this in many ways, but my favorite is the section called Design Your Life. In it, she interviews happy people about their philosophies on life. How they make living the most positive experience they can. And you know what I've learned? There is always room for self improvement.

And I mean it.
I have an incredible life, an amazing love, a fabulous family and wonderful friends, but there's always room for me to live my life better, be nicer to my lover, listen more carefully to my family, and spend more time with my friends. Sometimes, we all get so caught up in our own little worlds that no one else really enters our minds. It's like we become so absorbed with what we have to do, where we need to be, that we forget other people have their own lives, too. Everyone is the main character in their own story. And everyone wants the same things: to be happy, to love, and to just live.

And when I say live, I don't mean in just one way. Living is more versatile than happy or sad. And as much as I love love love to be happy, to kiss, and to be busy, sometimes there's a beautiful agony in desperation and lonliness. And in those moments, I honestly believe that's what you need to feel. So hold on to it for the minute. Then let it go. Because, let's face it, no one needs to feel the same way all day, every day. That's why we have the emotional range we have. Such emotions are so essential- and exactly what we need at certain, pinnacle points in our lives.

In my own life, I know menial things can get in the way of what I love. Though sometimes schedules are just too overloaded- I think that I often convince myself I just don't have time. For anything. But then I find myself wasting hours instead of putting my creative skills to use, catching up with my friends, or just hanging out with my man, though we live in the same little apartment, squeezed between a dilapidated bar and a grocery store with an orange sign. This makes no sense. SO my goal is this: to not get caught up. Sounds simple, huh? We'll see how it goes.

Really, I just want to know how everyone makes each day their best day, or how any day becomes a day ripe with emotion. Because that's what it's all about.