Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thanks Fam and Friends

Saturday morning, we had a huge breakfast with all our family and it was super fun. I talked about Jon and Kate Plus 8 with my sisters and cousins. (Which, by the way, Kate may not be the nicest person, but Jon is a creeper and has been since episode 1... probably. I've only seen about 3 episodes. And he was a creeper in every. single. one. Hello, ear piercings and wanting to live in a huge playboy bachelor pad? Ew.) Then we ate. Then we opened presents and we got some of the cutest stuff.

For example, I've wanted these for-e-ver, which means I've wanted them for about five months. And I never told anyone save Andrew about them. And guess who got them for me?

Joy. She is that good.

She found them at Crate and Barrel. And that is why she is a ridiculously great sister-in-law. Because she knows me that well.

Not to mention the Wii from Josh and Ana.
Andrew almost died from happiness when he found out about that one. And even though our clothes are all over our bedroom right now, the Wii is all set up, named, and used. He is in heaven. So thank you, Josh and Ana.

Andrew and I had a laugh too because Mama B AND Mama C gave us presents that were almost the exact same in consistency and cuteness. Our children will have such good Grandmas in a few years.

But seriously. People were so nice to us our apartment is spilling out in every corner. Which is actually really cute and fun. And we are so grateful. Because things like George Foreman grills with removable plates, those are expensive.
P.S. Ignore my lazy drug eyes in the picture with Andrew and Soph...