Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Nerds Pt. 2

Andrew and I made shirts for Harry Potter (And by made, I mean we wrote with Sharpie on blank shirts five minutes before). Based off his favorite webcomic. I can't remember it's name.

Since Harry Potter was a midnight showing, I consider these pictures to document the Fifteenth of July. By the way, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was AMAZING. There were some discrepancies from the book, but that's okay. I think they changed some things to make the plotline flow better (and shorter) in the next two movies. Which is so exciting. If you haven't you should go see it. Because Harry and Ginny are so cute. And Malfoy is so tormented. And Lavender Brown and Cormac McLaggen are completely annoying. I give it a 5!

Don't worry, we took pictures later in the day too while I was going through a cookbook. It may be new my favorite one (cookbook).

We are a little tired today.

In other news, today we experienced something we never experienced before together. Insults. Not at each other. Just towards one of us. To be frank, these were not minor insults. They were fairly huge. And relatively unfounded. I say "relatively" because there are two sides to every story. And though we know we have done what is right for our family (and in the situation), other people may not see things the same way. We feel that we gave an honest portion of what we were supposed to give. In this decision, we talked it over with one another, came to a conclusion and carried on. We did not mean to step on toes or cause a ruckus. It did anyway. However, I thought of one thing through the drama. I love my husband. He is so nice all the time and does whatever he can to make things work for us. I'm so excited to be with him forever because I know he will always help me, no matter where we are or what we are going through. So, really, whenever accusations are made against either one of us, that's okay. Because we have each other. And that's all that really matters.