Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Girl

A cute thing happened to me as I was walking home from work. I had not had the best day but I had not had the worst day. I had to leave work a little early to get some phone calls done that needed to be finished before 5. The walk home was terribly hot and I had on some of my skinniest jeans, a black shirt, and black shoes that are cute, but not walker friendly. I was burning up and I'd just hung up the phone when I passed some little girls selling juice and lemonade. They were laughing and giggling and having so much fun, so I stopped and gave them two quarters in exchange for a little cup of juice. Then I started walking away, and the girls burst into little whispers. They're Mom, sitting next to them, said loudly, "Well, tell her." I turned my head, and three little girls came bounding over telling me that I was soooo sooo pretty. Even prettier than the very pretty teenage girl sitting by them. I laughed and told them thank you and kept going. Walking away, I could still hear them chirping about the pretty, pretty, pretty girl who bought juice from them. I laughed all the way back to my apartment (I was only a few blocks away). Those little girls made my mediocre day a lot better. So thank you, little girls.

I look like a fool in this picture cause I was making faces at my scooter-riding husband who had just pulled into the parking lot. As I was taking pictures of myself outside. He laughed.

In other news, we had a mellow night last night. We've been planning to see 500 Days of Summer since we saw the first preview but found out last minute that it was only granted limited release this weekend. Which is sad. We were so so excited. Hopefully it will be here next week. Instead, we watched the movies Bella (such a good movie. I would recommend it to anyone who likes out-of-the-ordinary movies) and Yes Man (in order to see a Zooey movie). We also went to the grocery store and bought whatever we wanted. Which means I bought peanut butter m and m's and ice cream. Andrew bought popsicles. Then we ate them in our bed.

I also, after weeks (alright, probably months) of searching, decided on what kind of camera I'm getting next. I knew I didn't want a Rebel since I have a Rebel model in the form of a 35 mm, but over time I narrowed it down to two. I wasn't sure whether I wanted a Canon 50d or 40d but after article reading and deliberation, I've decided on the 40d. I've also decided on the first extra lens I'm getting, probably around the same time I purchase the camera. It is here.

Hopefully I'll get it sooner rather than later. Because as soon as I get it, I'm starting a little photography business (to be called Lissa Clair Photos) which will hopefully turn out great! I'm excited for it, but nervous to put down such serious cash (though if I get my name out there, I should be able to pay it off relatively quick). So keep your eyes open for when I get it! I'll need some models to start building my portfolio with the new camera...

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!