Wednesday, July 08, 2009

We Danced to the Luckiest

In the traditional Mormon (non-Utah) fashion, Andrew and I stayed in a little town at a b&b the night of the 25th that was between Nauvoo (where we got hitched) and Lee's Summit (where we had our reception). SO we got up early on the 26th, ate some breakfast- I stole Andrew's scone- and headed out for a two and half hour drive to good ol' Lee's Summit.

When we got to Lee's Summit, I was taken into the bathroom for some serious time with hair products while Andrew sat on the couch checking his webcomics. Such is our lives.

Our reception was beautiful thanks to the minds of Mama B and her friend Diana Murphy. When it came time on Friday, everyone in our family went to help set up (save Cole). We had no idea what to expect since the reception was in our church gym, so when we got there we were way surprised at how much the gym had transformed. We had so much fun just mingling and talking and eating Chick-fil-A and cheescake (Andrew wanted the reception to be "Ch" themed since Ch is for Chandler).

Oh, and don't worry, despite the fact that I had no desire to throw the bouquet (note the tiny group of girls behind me at the end of the night), I aimed it at the person who NEEDS to get married next (despite the fact that Britt got engaged the next week). So Whitney, you need to put those wheels in motion!