Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Funday

Sunday was a scary day. We went to our married ward. At 8 am. We were late. I went to the wrong Relief Society. Then I went to the right one. I knew two people in our ward. Andrew knew no one. But that's okay. Because married wards are different than Singles Wards. We know because in the New Member Class they had, they told us. That they liked to be married and hang out with their spouses so, in truth, the ward doesn't hang out much during the week. Me and Andrew chuckled secretly at this. We like to be married, too.

Church was also funny because it was like a Flirt Fest.
I capitalized that on purpose.
If it was a competition, Andrew and I would win.
Cause I gave him little kisses in the hallway.

And when we got out of church, it was only eleven.
But we still had a lot do. Up in Kaysville. We went to Andrew's cousin's (Taylor) mission farewell and Mama C's family had a grocery shower for us and it was fun. And we were tired before it even started. SO we went on a walk to Taylor's house after his talk. And took pictures.

YES. The second one is of my husband's booty. But it's for funny reasons, not risque reasons. I would like you to note that he was wearing Wrangler pants. To church. And funnier? He has a white paint splotch on his black belt. And he wore it to church. And I laughed. But guess what? I thought it was cute. I am not ashamed... As long as he doesn't turn into the man who carries a knife to church.

Here's some pictures of the boys in the fam:

It still makes me laugh when Andrew's family calls him short. Because he really is not even though everyone is taller than him. But it's alright. He is CUTE. And I love him. Infinity.