Wednesday, July 08, 2009

And We are MARRIED.

Day One: June 25th 2009

We had a fabulous wedding day. From the dress to the suit to the ceremony to the photographer to our cute families, it was so nice. Even the weather, which was a blazing hot 100+ degrees with sunny skies, was unexpected since it was supposed to pour all day. Actually, the sunny weather was thanks to Noah. When he heard about the rain, he prayed and prayed and prayed that it would not rain on us. And it didn't. Which was great. But ironically, Noah was the one who complained most about the weather as you can see here:

He did not want to be there.

Anyway, Andrew and I have been ridiculously excited for our wedding day since early March. And the excitement hit its peak during the ceremony, in which both of us had to look down to keep from laughing. Not everyone kept from laughing though, especially when I clapped my hands when we were officially married. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Wedding are supposed to be happy and we definitely made it so! Then the two of us kept on laughing all day. Because that is what we do. We also like to kiss. And that happened a lot on June 25th as well. Just like any other day. Yay MARRIAGE!