Thursday, August 13, 2009


Note: An abundance of (parentheses) are to follow.

Lately I could live off Reeses' Puffs. Disgusting, huh? But oh so good. Sadly, this means Mr. C. has to eat Lucky Charms instead of a cooked dinner. Sorry babe.

Yes. I live with him.
P.S. Mr. C. always has on dress clothes because he teaches espanol at the MTC (Seriously, how BYU are we?! Maybe I should write this post in acronyms). I can't speak Spanish. Instead, when he talks in his foreign language, I add "A"s to certain words. As in "I speak-a no Spanish". Sadly, this has spilled over into a solid habit and I can often be overheard saying "I love-a ya." Who does that? Me. Apparently.

And last but not least, we (meaning I, but since we're married I can act as if everything we do is the same) are starting a little photo biz-naz (as Mr. C. would pronounce "business") starting this fall. However, new business = new camera (!!) = new portfolio (well, a seriously expanded portfolio). As such, dear friends, we are looking for volunteers to step into the lens of my new camera starting August 24th. So, if you're wanting pictures on your lonesome, pictures with your lover, pictures with your fam, pictures with your friends, or pictures with your cat, let me know. I will happily take them. Free.