Saturday, August 22, 2009

With the Fam

We have had a lot of family time lately.

Which has been nice. Because our family is great.
Today, we headed north for a little Chandler picnic.

There was a lot of food
And a lot a lot of people.

There was a raffle.
Matt got into trouble for making nicknames.
[Yes. That says "Christy the Enforcer."
Yes. Mama C scratched those words out.]

Then Matt got even more sassy with the tickets.
This one was a winner.
Which is funny for 3 reasons.
1. Because of the scratched out ticket
2. Because his other tickets were labeled "Matt 'The Winner' Chandler"
3. We were already gone when the raffle went down.

There was talking.

There were babies with bows.

There were babies with sunglasses.
And competitions between favorite aunts.

AND There were nametags.

Do you ever feel like you're carrying around a heavy load? Even when you don't know what it is? I've felt like that for quite a while. I've been stressed about things I couldn't pinpoint, or didn't want to pinpoint. More honestly, I was stressed because I was not confronting what needed to be confronted and was focusing on other things instead. I was running, which shouldn't be a shock. I've always been a runner. Well, Mr. C. and I got to the bottom of that today. And I feel a million times better, like a hundred bricks were lifted off my shoulders. And I just adore him. Mr. C. is just perfect for me.