Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hello World!

[the shoulder by Mr. C. belongs to him]

Today was a sick day. Mr. C. has been sick the past while. And he spread his germs to me. (Does that mean I have cooties? He did give me a cooties shot once... I should be immune.) So, I went to work late, got home, took some DayQuil (saved my life), snuggled with my man while watching a movie, and went to dinner with the Chandler fam. We ate food from Chile. Well, not exactly. It was the kind of food they make in Chile. I'm not even going to try to type it. But it way yummy enough Mr. C. and I have plans to go back.

And so, I am exhausted in a strange way. As I have been all day- I was so loopy at work that I kept running my mouth about the stupidest of things and making sound effects. And I didn't even think I was being weird until I saw all the mistakes I made on my project. Trust me, it was bad enough that I was embarrassed. I'm still embarrassed. And I get embarrassed next to never.

In the case of cuteness, look here and here. Now that I know about "hearting" I want to heart everything on the world wide web. I'm already on my way. I also want to write letters to a whole town. Who thinks of such great ideas? These folks, apparently. It is my life ambition to some day be so creative and/or cool.