Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Post-It Love and More


(That line was written by Mr. C!! He loves this vid.)


Today, I took a study break.

I was reading Dr. Fautus by Christopher Marlowe (who was such a spy) for my Independent Study class that I really, really need to finish. And I might have loved it. The guy seriously destroys himself and for someone who's a doctor (scholar), he sure does not think often. He just listens to the bad guys. But I liked it. And thought the Helen of Troy parts were amusing. Especially the first time he conjured her up. She just did something serious to the men. Seriously.

I'd say libraries aren't for summer but I disagree. I secretly love to bask in my nerdiness, holed up in some obscure corner where no one is around me. I'm not even ashamed it's taking me 3 universities and 5.5 years to graduate. Besides, I'm getting not one but TWO degrees. And neither of them even crossed my mind until my junior year. I miss my art classes, and I wish I understood more photo lingo but honestly, I love majoring in my two ultimate literary geek majors.

Tomorrow, I get to read Shakes.