Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We Are Weird

Today our schedules were a bit different than usual.
So we decided to go to the lake. Payson Lake, to be precise. So, we donned our swimsuits, headed to the car, and drove. On the way, we began a new tradition. A singing contest. Observe:

Yes, you are right. This contest is mostly about being goofy. And singing louder and more terribly than the other person. But actually, it's about knowing all the words. Naturally, I beat Mr. C. In old school OK Go and Panic! At the Disco CD's. Yes, I know Panic at the Disco is not longer spelled with an exclamation mark, but I do what I want.

Eventually, we made it to the lake, which was on top of the mountain. And we were happy.

When we arrived, we walked partway around the lake, which was nice. Then we came back to where our car was to wade in. I stepped in and looked down. By my feet? Fish guts accompanied with a jaw. To my right? A dead fish. I decided to be brave and we walked farther down. What did we find? More fish guts and a bloated, dead fish. I got back in the car. I do not want to swim with white, dead fish. They are ghost fish and they scare me. The sight of one dead fish I can handle, Multiple? No sir.

Then Andrew picked me a flower and everything was okay.

P.S. My birthday is in exactly one month.