Monday, August 10, 2009

An Adventure

This weekend we are going on a camping trip and will not be able to go on a date. That's alright though. We did something better today. We combined Family Night (which, when you're a married couple is like a second date night... let's be honest... I'm not complaining). It wasn't on purpose. It just kind of evolved.

FIRST we decided that we needed to re-learn how to be thrifty. So, naturally, we went to a thrift store.

My mama used to have these cups.

This was Mr. C.'s favorite find of the night.
I, on the other hand, think this is really cool.

Then, after spending 17 dollars on a shirt, a vest, and a skirt, we realized we were hungry. Because I am a good wife, I told Mr. C. he could order pizza. He was so excited. Then we took a detour driving home. A detour that took us to Red Robin...

I think his excitement is thoroughly shown in this picture. I was excited, too... and waiting for my milkshake. Which was fabulous.

I sure do love ya, Mr. C. More and more every day. Thanks for marrying me!