Sunday, August 09, 2009

Just A Little Shout out

Want to see something cute?

Go here.

Adorably girly, I know. These are the products I like best.

[library birthday card here]

[Paris card here]

[List of Love here]

Why do I love these items? I will tell you.
Item 1: I have worked in a library for six years. I'm not kidding. And I still love them. I love how they smell. I love the old books. I love the random information you can find. I can sit in a library for hours- even when I'm not at work. And library birthday cards? Genius. I wish I had thought of them first.
Item 2: First, it is a polaroid. Second, it is Paris. Now, I'll be the first to say I struggle with French speaking. Five years of studying French has gotten me nowhere. I can say "Paris." I can say "Salut." I can say "Minuit." I can say "L'horloge." I do not like to say "Bonjour." Sitting in French class makes my palms sweaty (only two semesters left). That being said, there is something about the French lifestyle that appeals to every free soul. They do what they want. I do what they want. Thus, I identify with them. Even though I do not like to hack and gag. Or is German that you hack and gag?
Item 3: Ask Mr. C., I make lists every day. Tonight, I made four. Just to sketch out the week. But fear not, I will redraft the list, shift things around, and feel a tiny buzz when I scratch something off the list. It's a tiny adrenaline rush, if you will. Or an endorphin. I like this cute list paper so much that I may just make pieces of paper that say "I love lists" all by myself. In fact, I think I'll put it on my to-do list. For Thursday.

Yes. I did write this post in order to enter a contest for free stationary.
I am not ashamed. If I were, I would have just posted a picture and a link. I think the website is cute!

For someone who has been a blog browser for roughly one week and two days, I think I've done well. In finding happy blogs written by happy people. They are refreshing and I now have something to do while Mr. C. reads this and this and this.