Thursday, August 06, 2009

Another List

Andrew likes sugar.
In this photo, he is eating frosting.

I need to be reading Utopia. I'm enrolled in an Independent Study class I need to finish by August 31. I'm only a third done. I started reading Utopia last September. And not that I'm procrastinating or anything, but I think I will write a love list (as in things I love. maybe with pictures not belonging to me) instead. I'm going for sixty things in six minutes. Think I can? You betcha.

Start Time: 8:58 PM

1. We still have empty frames in our apartment
2. We keep cool with box fans.
3. My dreamboat lover always turns the fans off when he thinks I won't notice.
4. Our tiny television.
5. Our movie collection full of chick flicks, Beatles movies, and man movies.
6. Independent films. Like Bella.
7. That I already have the bridesmaid's dress for my best friend's wedding... except in green, not in black.
8. When electrical outlets spark. I don't know why.
9. The white curtains in our bedroom.
10. The light green heart taped on my computer.
11. The fact that the light green heart is actually a coverup for a crack on my little white Mac.
12. My green and white comforter that I've had since I was three years old.
13. The fact that Dreamboat and I still sleep in said comforter, almost every night, even though it's not the comforter on our bed during the day.
14. Andrew lets me call him Dreamboat.
15. Andrew often refers to himself as "Dreamboat"
16. The term "dreamboat" started out as a joke
18. The video for Silver Lining.
19. Just Jenny Lewis in general


20. Old journals

21. Having my old scrapbooks in a bookcase at the foot of my bed.
22. The fact that I made scrapbooks when I was, like, thirteen.
23. Love songs
24. Homemade cards. I know it's not Christmas, but how cute is this?

25. My basket full of ribbons
26. Head bands
27. The wall next to the kitchen, halfway covered in pages from Frankenstein
28. That I've written two Frankenstein papers in college.
29. That the Frankenstein papers were the big papers
30. I still miss my man when he leaves me, even though it's only for a few hours
31. Typing. I don't know why.
32. Dresses. Especially this one.
33. Homemade picture frames
34. My bread machine
35. That our fridge doesn't freeze things
36. Getting letters in the mail (p.s. I need a new pen pal. takers?!).
37. Strawberry smoothies
38. Granola
39. My wedding dress

40. Our phenomenal wedding photographer.
41. That we get our disc in the mail THIS week
42. Happy websites like Color Me Katie and Our First Loves
43. Highly popular blogs that have links to treasure troves such as A Cup of Jo and Daydream Lily.
44. Blogs that make happy lists like Oh, Mishka and Everyday Musings.
45. Daily blogs like Today I Saw
46. This Provo Blog. Who knew people had so much fun in Provo?
47. That I actually blog hunted last week and found great results- who knew there were so many cute blogs?
48. Old folk music
49. The Weepies "Gotta Have You" music video, made by someone other than the Weepies.

50. Folk Stories like Tailypo
51. Cursive handwriting
52. Lists
53. That this list has taken me twelve minutes
54. Duct tape. It fixes everything. Kinda.
55. Nicknames and/or Terms of Endearment
56. Sewing buttons on cardigans
57. That crayons can be melted onto shirts for a design
58. Photographs
59. Jotting down thoughts.
60. Love. Love. Love.

End Time: 9:13 pm

And so, since I have completed a non-stop love list, I challenge you, dear reader (mother, that means you) to write a love list of your own.