Friday, August 28, 2009


Do you ever feel like you're waiting for your life to start living itself? Lately, Mr. C. and I have been a little lazy and a little sickly. So much that I've taken almost the entire week off not only work, but life. Unintentionally. And so I'm sitting, feeling a little better than yesterday, as I have every day. But this time, I can tell I will feel good tomorrow. And that I will probably be great by Sunday. And I'm waiting on my camera. And I'm waiting to do photo projects with my camera. And I'm waiting on school. And I'm waiting to use my backpack. And I'm waiting to be really busy. And I'm waiting for a set schedule at work. And I'm waiting to write a paper. And I'm waiting to do a million things.

Which never works.
Waiting, I mean.
When they come, I might just be waiting on something else.

So I need an attitude adjustment. STAT.