Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To Mr. C.

Dear Mr. C.,

You were extra specially great today.
And here are some reasons, on our little online journal, why I love you more right now than I did this morning (which was still a ridiculous amount, obviously):

1. You rubbed my back when I woke up sick this morning.
2. You gave me your favorite pillow.
3. You let me eat breakfast in bed.
4. You laid down with me when I went back to sleep at ten am, even though you wanted to be finishing a certain piece of literature.
5. You made me go to the doctor.
6. Since you made me go to the doctor, I was able to take a picture of the above chair.
7. You called me from work during my first freak out today.
8. You were not even upset that I was freaking out, even though you knew it was no big deal.
9. You helped me find my photos.
10. You let me cry about losing my 6,000 photos, even though they were just hidden.
11. You joked around all night.
12. You made one of my favorite dinners because I had a bad day.
13. You cleaned the living room.
14. You let me wear pajamas all day.
15. You wore pajamas when you were home, too.
16. You laughed all night.
17. You want to know everything. About anything.
18. You remember everything. And anything.

It's so nice to have someone around who takes care of you, no questions asked, when you are sick or feeling down. And that you don't even have to worry about burdening them. Because they want to help you out. I love you, Mr. C.