Saturday, August 01, 2009

I am STILL Listening to Britney Spears

Happy August!
Today I found these polaroid collages on Flickr.

Seriously. How adorable are they?
People just don't give Polaroids enough love.
Honestly, I just hope that I can be so creative one day.

P.S. I contacted the above photographer to make sure I could use the polaroid image. And he was really nice. There are so many nice people in the world. I think sometimes I forget about that. Just in case anyone was having doubts on the niceness of the world... I think most people are nice, especially if you are nice to them.


Later in the day:

Saturday is the day where Andrew works and I do... whatever I want. So today, I cleaned the apartment (among many other things). And it was fun. I know I sound cheesy, but I love our little home:

Then Andrew came home. And slept. And hung out with me, his lover. And then he went back to work. And then came home again! Which I loved. I don't like being home without him. Because I miss him. He is currently looking up sharks. As he has been since about 10:00. Every five minutes I learn something new. The last fact was about a nurse shark. I didn't know I was marrying such a shark lover! Nor did I know he would ask to own a shark. Which leads me to a confession:

I am terrified of sharks.

No, not just a little. A lot. My aunt exposed me to Jaws when I was so young I couldn't tell the difference between television and real life. So young that I thought I could get attacked in a shark by a pool (and held that fear probably into my early teens, eventually knowing it was irrational). So young that when I was two years old and at the beach, I screamed and cried and yelled when my dad put my toes in the water. It's one of my first memories. And they still make fun of me for it. I am not ashamed. I am scared of sharks. But will I happily watch Shark Week with my husband every night this week? Oh yes.

That is not what I meant to write about.
I simply wanted to add this video to this post.
It is our August to do List
Here it is: