Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Small Stuff

My woman and I have been married almost two months. And during that time I've started to realize a few things. The reasons that you love someone. It isn't always the big things, but it's the small stuff that makes you go completely head over heels for them:

-how she lets you eat what you want for dinner, even if everything in it makes her want to throw up
-how excited she gets to see you after only two hours of being gone
-the way she lets you watch episodes of kids tv shows in bed
-when she sings and dances in the car to songs you wouldn't normally like
-the times that she gets mad, but only stays upset for a few minutes
-she doesn't complain about all the comics that you read
-she supports whatever decisions you make regarding career and school, even if it means big sacrifices for her
-the jokes she laughs at
-the ones she doesn't
-the movies she makes you watch with her
-the longer list of movies she won't watch with you
-how she thinks your glasses are sexy
-the way she wears her hair
-how she changes her outfit sometimes a lot in the mornings before leaving, but doesn't seem to care at all about the clothes that you wear
-the way she puts her chin up when she wants a kiss
-how she always 'wants another'
-the fact that she can sign along with so much of your music

the list could go on and on, but it's late and i need to get sleep. sorry there aren't any pictures, that's her thing. i'm just excited to see all the things that are added to the list over the years.

-mr. c