Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today is Wednesday.

Did you know that I am in a picture book class?

I am.

And yes, it is just as fun as it sounds. We read ten picture books a week. We also write a picture book a week. On Day Eighty Four of our marriage, I found out that BYU shops at bargain stores. They want to buy their books for under eight bills, too.

Did you know that I assign manuscripts call numbers for the BYU Special Collections?

I do.

This week I had many small projects, such a set of essays written about Joseph Smith and Masonry. But on Day Eighty Four of our marriage, I faced a dilemma. Lois R. Evans (I don't know who she is, either), donated a set of old land documents, leaving behind no information for me to plug into a mini biography. So as I brainstormed, I doodled.

I missed my hubs.
Wednesdays are our long days.