Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Am In Charge Because I Am Oldest.


I am 23.
When I woke up, Mr. C. insisted I stay in bed so he could make me a waffle. Then he grabbed our camera and snapped to his heart's content. Fortunately, however, I used my presents to shield my morning face.

Confession: Notice the pink lamp on the left side of the bed. And the football picture on the right side. Unlike most couples, we do not sleep next to our night stands. Instead, Mr. C. sleeps by my pink lamp during the night and I sleep somewhere in the middle. Why do we set our room up this way? Because Mr. C. is not allowed to have the nightstand by the door. I'll let you guess why.

Being that he is not only my lover, but also a good sport, Mr. C. performed bubble blowing in downtown Provo for at least twenty minutes. Yes, that is the dolphin mural.

Oh, and please excuse the naughty word on Mr. C.'s shirt. I told him not to wear his "Let It Be" shirt and today when editing, Mr. C. learned to take the counsel of his wife.

Since we're having birthday cake today (that Mr. C. insists of making with a can of Sprite), we hit up the local cupcake store. Pretty, huh?

Then we spent all day in Salt Lake City. Mr. C. bought me two new dresses, we went out to eat, saw Up, and walked around all over town. We were planning on going to the fair, but we had so much fun just strolling around that we decided to make it our date next Friday.

And the rule of the day? No homework.
It's safe to say we had a fabulous day.
And that the next few days are going to be INSANE.