Saturday, September 19, 2009


We went to the fair!
And yes, it was as good as I had imagined.

We went with Jameson and Becky. We ate a lot of fair food and took pictures. We looked at art. We looked at pictures. We saw sharks. We saw the smallest woman in the world. And guess what? She was real. Are you shocked? I was too, when I walked behind the booth and found a miniature woman counting cash. However, as I told Mr. C., I can now brag to my friends that not only have I been to a sideshow, but I have seen the smallest woman in the world. Is that FABULOUS? I think so. But not as fabulous as the fair in whole.

Mr.C. would not let me go see the two headed cow though. I thought that it was fake, until I called my Mama and told her about the smallest woman in the world. In return, she told me that once, as a child, she saw a two headed cow at a fair and she will never forget and scared she was... and how she still thinks of it from time to time. Mr. C. may have saved me from nightmares.

We are going back next year.