Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another One.

[We heart it]

Mr. C. made me go to bed early last night because he said I was exhausted [he was right].

We've been married for three months.
As of yesterday, the day he made me go to bed as he stayed up and cleaned the apartment.
He is still asleep.

I woke up and rewrote a little story about a girl and a piano. [The girl might have been me at ages 8 and 11]

Then I found this cute blog that led me to this happy, sad, hilariously good blog.
I don't think much about old loves, if ever, BUT this just made me laugh so hard, and reminded me of an essay I wrote last fall:

I finally threw out your toothbrush, but before I tossed it I used it to
clean the toilet. I've never enjoyed cleaning the bathroom more.

She'll find her soulmate in a month or two... I did. And so did Mr. C.
Even though we have a weird take on soulmates.