Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cute Faces

I have a funny husband.
Don't believe me?
I'll show you evidence.

Today, we went to Cafe Rio and while in line... Mr. C. kept doing this to my face.
[Naturally, we came home and documented]

Still don't believe me?

Observe a few lines typed and/or said by my dear husband today:

Via Gmail chat:

me: do you know anything about civil war history?!!!!
me: have you ever paid attention to Gone WIth the Wind?
Andrew: i D0 know some stuff
the north fought the south
morgan freeman and denzel washington got led by matthew broderick
and westley was there too
me: westley from princess bride?
Andrew: yeah
isn't he in it?
me: in Glory, yeah
Andrew: yeah
me: in the Civil War, no
Andrew: Glory is about the civil war
me: no, my love, it is not the civil war
So back to Sherman...
Andrew: and robert e lee was a good guycirca 9:50 am.

Andrew: ;does this work?;
dangnow when you open your email you see the SECRETS
the ones i'm writing you right now
i love you
this is how you bold
this is how you_italicize_
and this is how you cross out
@this do anything?@
[this[circa 10 am
Via conversation when he listed off the things I make him do:
"...Like get my bag. And brush my teeth. And clean the room. And drive the car...."

Yes. You read correctly.
Mr. C. just complained about having to brush his teeth.