Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekdays can be fun, too.

Dear Weekend,

I miss you.
Especially this weekend. Because weekend, you were perfect. [Mr. C. thinks so, too.]


Some good things happened today.
Would you like to know?

I got to wear my favorite dress.

I played FreeCell at work while listening to a tutorial.
[I used to be a FreeCell champion. Thankfully, I outgrew that phase]

I did not get a forty percent on my French test.
[Don't hold your breath... it was still my lowest grade in the history of grades.]

Mr. C. got to eat Del Taco.

I figured out the self timer on my new camera.
[Watch out, World!!]

I had a little photoshoot with Katie, a girl from my French class. And her man, too.

Confession: I might like photographing couples more than individuals. Though I love snapping shots of individuals, too, couples are just more... relaxed.

I'm listening to Taylor Swift and Mr. C. has not made fun of me yet as he sits reading Joy's blog.
[The whole family likes hers best... probably I do too.]

AND Mr. C. just sang a song about how he loves me more and more every day.
[I love you more and more every day, too, Lover]