Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Can You Find the Giraffe?

Don't you just love September?
It starts so warm, only to get a little cooler every week. And soon, sweater weather will be here. And no one will judge me when I wear boots with dresses. Because that's what you do in the fall. Wrap up and keep warm, mixing new clothes with summer ones.

The two of us are trying to figure out the schedule of our twelve hour days for the next four months. And I'm starting to realize that I won't have a day full of one-on-one time for a very long time. They were good while they lasted. I love Mr. C. Mucho.

My camera came today! Well, the body came... I'm waiting on the two lenses I ordered. And have my fingers crossed they come before the weekend. I will die if I have to wait another week to start snapping that button and turning that dial.

I also just finished reading the Outsiders. Next up? Shark Girl.