Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Little List

Yep. That is Mr. C.
My husband. My lover. My best friend.
I love him. A lot.

Want to know some other things I love?
  • Shirts tucked into skirts
  • Shirts tucked into pants (I've become that girl)
  • Pushing my cheek against Mr. C.'s to wake him up every morning.
  • The place between dreams and reality
  • My family
  • Photographs: bright ones, light ones, black and white ones...
  • Taylor Swift
  • Wearing cardigans with every outfit
  • Creative Writing
  • Critiquing Children's books
  • Thinking about fireflies
  • The mountain of books Mr. C. and I own
  • The fact that after three months of marriage (almost!), our belongings are spilling out of every corner of our little home.
  • That on the ninth day of the ninth month of the two-thousand-and-ninth year, we have been married seventy seven days.
  • I love my life.