Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dear .... ,

Dear Long Hair,
I miss you terribly.
I'm stuck in a state of perpetual bad hair days without you.
And I whine about it all the time.
I'm never cutting you shorter than mid-back again.

Dear Axe Body Wash,
I ran out of coconut body wash today.
You were all that was in the shower.
So I used you.
But don't worry, I have on Old Spice, too.
Is that against the law?

Dear French,
A test? Already?
You are the bane of my existence.

Dear Independent Study,
Note: Contact a student when their test arrives at the center.
That way, they don't have to cram to take it the day of.
Because, really, who studies for Independent Study, really?

Dear October,
You are going to be my favorite month.
Even though you started out with:
Short Hair.
Male Body Wash.
The final for Independent Study that I did not anticipate.
AND me being a whiner.
I'm excited for pumpkins and home and family and weddings and photographs.

Dear Reader,
Do you know how to make hair grow faster?
I am not kidding.