Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who Would You Pick?

So. One of my favorite things about this semester is that Mr. C. took one of my history classes with me. If you didn't know, I'm a total nerd... so much that I dropped an art major to major in History and English. I'm sorry if my nerdiness scares you. I'm just not good at keeping it bottled inside.

The class is History and Film, so we learn about a lot of different European topics. We missed one of the films while we were home, and we had to write a paper about it by three. We checked it out of the library at ten (apparently Blockbuster hates history movies), racing the clock. What movie was it?

To make a long story short, Martin Guerre was a French peasant who up and decided to abandon his family for eight or nine years, mostly because he was a deadbeat husband and was embarrassed that he was impotent as a teenager. Then he came back... but did he?

No. Sadly. He did not. Someone else came back, claiming to be Martin Guerre. Everyone loved him. He was so much cooler and nicer than the original Martin Guerre. He lived with and loved Martin Guerre's wife and family so much that he fathered two more children- one that lived. Then the townsfolk started to suspect him: Did Martin Guerre's feet used to be so small?

They took him to court.

The fake Martin Guerre was winning.
But at the last moment, who comes through the door?
Martin Guerre.

[I am not fibbing.
This actually happened.]

The crowd was shocked.
And in the end, Martin Guerre the Pretender was sentenced to death.
Nothing happened to Bertrand, the wife, who may or may not have known all along.
And mean, dead beat Martin Guerre?
He got everything back.
He didn't even get in trouble for abandoning everyone.

It's been three days since we read the book and two days since we watched the movie...
We're still arguing about which Martin Guerre was better.

I would rather live with Martin Guerre the Pretender than Martin Guerre the Real.
Mr. C. says this is insulting.

Who do you side with?