Thursday, October 22, 2009

Andrew Met the Plaza

Saturday, I took over a thousand pictures.
Want to see some that are done?

[As always, find more here]

My brother Josh and his wife Ana are so cute.
She puts him in his place like nothing I have ever seen.
And I love the first picture of Anna and Josh...
He wasn't even touching her.
And she still squirmed.
Gotta love older brothers.
And you're right, I do have attractive siblings.

Between our multiple hour photoshoot we stopped for lunch.
Where at, might you ask.
Josh thought he had died and gone to heaven.

Then Andrew almost ended up dead when he said Texas BBQ was better.
I don't know what he was/is thinking, either.

Then we came home.
And while we waited to watch a movie with Mama and the boys, Mr. C. serenaded me.
But he would not be caught on camera!
Don't believe me?

Oh, and speaking of movies, don't go see Where the Wild Thing Are.
The cinematography and music are beautiful.
The plot is creepy and I dreamt about being eaten up for two nights.
I am a wimp.