Monday, October 12, 2009

Marriage Myths Debunked

Marriage Myth One:
You always go to bed early.
Much, much earlier than if you were single.

Marriage Myth Two:
You have more time to manage.
Those cramped, crazy days filled with dating and studying and work and freak outs?
They're still filled with dating and studying and work and freak outs.

Marriage Myth Three:
You will eat a wide variety of homecooked meals.
This one is true, to an extent.
But not when no one gets home until eight.
Or when your husband wants Chicken Roll Ups every night.

Marriage Myth Four:
Your husband will not clutter your car.
In fact, it will be just as clean as you tried to keep it all those years.

Oh wait.
I'm sorry.
That was not a marriage myth.
That was a hope.
Oh well.

Mr. C., I love you even though I can't see that bottom of Little Red.
And I love you even more when you creep over my shoulder to read blogs.
And then decide to rip your shirt to shreds.
To make me a present.

Oh My.