Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Fortune was the Best One.

Just like the rest of Utah, at the 12 to 2 break during Conference, we headed out of our apartment and raced for a good lunch spot to celebrate Matt's birthday. He picked P.F. Chang's. Mr. C. was excited... especially when the fortune cookies came.

Then Mr. C. proceeded to ruin my photographs.
Well, except the first one.
I did that on my own.

Once, I met a man who went on his mission with Mr. C. to Texas (note the jacket), and he told me that my husband was the class clown of their mission. Or, more accurately, he was the comic relief. Are you surprised? Me, either.

By the way, I promise Mr. C. is not seventeen years old. He is twenty-TWO despite the teenaged expressions on his face. I don't know how he pulled that off.