Thursday, October 08, 2009


Fact: Today, Mr. C. "dropped" his scooter by an intersection. While he was on it.
Fact: Mr. C. is banned from driving his scooter for a full twenty-four hours.
Fact: I am just happy he had on a helmet.

Fact: Sometimes Mr. C. leaves his pants all over our bedroom floor.
Fact: I usually pick them up.
Fact: Right now, my high school scrapbooks are littered all over the floor.
Fact: Sometimes, I am really late to work.

Fact: This week I processed an authentic, original Brigham Young letter.
Fact: I do not recommend the Wikipedia article about him.
Fact: Today I snapped at a boy in my Young Adult Literature Class.

Fact: He gets under my skin during every class, but this time he went too far.
Fact: I was really, really embarrassed.
Fact: I am really, really loving writing picture books.

Fact: I do not like my outfit today.
Fact: I can't wait to go home next weekend.
Fact: I love Mr. C., and I have loved him since the first week we were dating.

Fact: I am heinously mortified that we have not sent out most of our thank-you's.
Fact: I barely have enough time for homework.
Fact: We really are grateful.

Fact: I keep sneaking bits of dinner, even though Mr. C. told me I had to wait for him to get home.
Fact: I am not ashamed.
Fact: I almost just cried at Pam & Jim's wedding.

Fact: I'm a sucker for love.

Happy Thursday!