Monday, October 12, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
Except that we took possession of this:

Note that when I say "Lens", I meant "Flash".

The video is not enough.
I am going to tell you about our day.
Our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Well, we woke up and we were so tired that we couldn't get out of bed, so we stayed under the cover just a little bit longer until 8:15 because I had work at nine and then Mr. C. dropped me off after I pulled on one of his t-shirts and ripped jeans and pigtails (seriously? yes.) and then I went to work and sneezed from a lot of dust, but my day wasn't bad yet even though Mr. C.'s was already spiraling because he started the laundry late and was late to biology and then he brought me lunch which was good but it made my mouth taste bad and then we studied and then Mr. C. made me go to French and I got called on and I did not know the answer and after class I went to meet Mr. C. but he was talking to someone so he was late and I talked to my mom about how I hate French and then we went to buy my flash and it was sixty dollars more than I anticipated, but we bought it anyway because we've been putting it off since we bought the camera and then we went to the grocery store and Mr. C. wanted to buy the big bag of lettuce and I wanted the small one since we leave on Thursday and then we came home and instead of doing homework we messed around with the flash and then I made dinner and while I was making dinner, all of the sudden, the picture over the oven smashed to the ground and shattered glass everywhere so our picture frame is broken but Mr. C. pulled out the oven because he is manly and strong and then I had to wait to put in dinner since we had to turn the oven off and then when I put dinner in the oven I decided to do the dishes because they were dirty and I picked up the knife I used to cut the chicken and accidently sliced my right hand pointer finger and I watched the blood run down the sink and screamed and then Mr. C. made me put so much pressure on it that I couldn't feel it anymore and then my bandage was too tight so Mr. C. had to cut it off and then my finger started bleeding again and then dinner was almost done but Mr. C. had to leave for work so he didn't get to eat and I ate alone and at seven I was supposed to tutor someone for a History class because she doesn't understand the Reformation but when I went to leave at 6:40, my keys were MIA so I looked for them everywhere but I couldn't find them and Mr. C. wouldn't answer his phone so I couldn't leave since I couldn't lock the top lock of the apartment and I'm paranoid and I did not want to be locked out so I called my mom (for the fourth time today because today I like to whine) and talked to her and then I decided to watch the end of One Tree Hill and it was so so so lame because seriously One Tree Hill, Nathan Scott would not cheat and now he kinda creeps me out and all the new characters make my head swirl and while I was watching Mr. C. texted me to tell me he did not have my keys and I told him he did because they were on the star this morning and now they are gone and I don't know where they would be so he must accidently have them and he said they were not on the star this morning and I should look again but I don't want to look again so I haven't and then I watched Gossip Girl and I do not like Lily Bass and she was in it the whole time and next week's episode looks so lame that I can't even remember what it was about except gambling but everything is better because now my sliced skin is scabbed and I can type easier which is good because I have two papers tomorrow and three critiques due and I have not started any except one and I should get on that and I should fold the laundry but I am tired and my body hurts for some reason I do not know and now, if you have read my single-sentence monologue I would like to hear your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day story so that I will no longer wallow in a humorous state of self pity because if you cannot tell I am laughing at myself inwardly as I type this because I am listening to the song that is my ringtone and now Mr. C. is calling me so the song is playing right next to each other and we have had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day that is funny because it was so undramatically dramatic and probably because it's Monday and we should just move to Australia.

Just call us Alexander.