Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Lessons

On Friday, I learned three things.

Lesson One:
If the power turns off while I'm blow drying my hair, I do not need to call my husband out of class. Instead, I can walk to this little door and push the one with the red light UP. Mr. C. taught me this when he came to save me during Biology.

Lesson Two:
Even though I had not purchased a pair of non-skinny or non-straight jeans since early 2006, my body still loves destroyed, flared, already-broken-in-when-purchased Hollister jeans. Especially when they're on sale. And especially when my usual jeans are falling apart. And especially when Mr. C. lets me buy two pairs. Cha-ching.

Lesson Three:
When my husband is eighty-five, he'll probably still act like a little boy from time to time. Especially when he reunites with a big pack of man friends. And especially when huge slides, cornfields, hay rides, and inflatable jumping arenas are involved.

Bonus Lesson:
Mr. C. gets cuter and cuter every day... even though he lost his glasses.
But oh dear, I do miss those glasses.