Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello World, This is Lissa C.

Today, Mr. C. ironed his church clothes. I don't iron. Well, that's not entirely true. I iron once or twice a year. Otherwise, I use Wrinkle Release spray and it usually works fabulously. Mr. C. will not use it. He likes the iron, which is comical to me. However, as I watched him iron tonight, as cheesy as it sounds, I felt a little surge of pride and love.
I had a million little things I was going to write about, concerning this week and the philosophical epiphanies I came up with while lying down, sick at home for five days. But really, it comes down to this:

No one is exactly as we think they are. No one has the perfect life.
Sometimes I read about people's lives, hear their success stories and appreciate their art, only to feel jealous. Other times I read people's blogs, see people on campus, or hear a story through the grapevine, and get a little sickened. I get annoyed by people who try to be someone they're not. I get tired of people who only do things because they perceive that certain thing to be cool, and I get tired when other people praise those who act this way. The funny part? I'm not a bitter person. I'm actually a very happy person, but I also happen to be a very independent minded person. As such, I expect everyone else to think like I do (that looks ridiculous written down).
But then I realized something: maybe those people's lives aren't so perfect. And maybe the people who are trying too hard really want to be something they aren't. And you know what? Maybe they'll get there. And if they change in two months to fit the next trend? Why should that bother me? If that makes them happy, then they should do it. Even though everyone has a story, I don't know their stories. I don't know why people act the way they do, just like I don't know why some people seem to have picture perfect lives while others struggle for mere survival.
I realized this week that I need to be more open minded. The past few months, I've been trying to figure out how to be a wife, how to be married, and how to juggle the rest of my life. It has not always been easy, but someone might see Mr. C. and I from afar and think that it is perfect. I strongly believe that everyone is looked at by someone as something more than they are. I do that to people I barely know, but I shouldn't, just like I shouldn't be annoyed with someone trying to be legitimately indie or artistic. I'm not the best at anything I do, so why should I expect others to always stand out above the crowd?
I need to be better at making friends, just like I need to be better at cultivating the things that are important to me. I need to try my best, but I need to learn to not stress when I don't do things perfect. I also don't need to be jealous of other people's lives and I don't need to get annoyed so easily. That's what I realized this week.
This may be too wordy and not totally coherent, but it's all I've got right now.

Have a good Monday!