Monday, November 09, 2009

A Good Day

On Thursday, our one hundred and thirty fourth day of marriage, I submitted my first two children's manuscripts. Their names?

P is for Penelope


Barry the Bat is a Scaredy Cat

I think they are funny, and I am so ready to get rejected since that will lead me on the path of resubmissions. Never mind that my handwriting looks so rushed.

After school, we went to Borders. After reading more than thirty books since September, Borders really frustrates me. They have nothing. Nothing. BUT they do have quite the vampire selection.


He is reinventing Young Adult Literature.

After the bookstore, Mr. C. went to work.
I cleaned and reorganized our apartment for approximately four hours.
[Matt came over for a little while, too. We talked about his love life. I told you he would not last for long.]
As you can see, each hour was worthwhile.
Especially the one where I took pictures of the bathroom.