Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Little Recap

I know. I am so bad.
In my own defense, when I (meaning we) made the goal to take a picture a day, I (meaning I) never said I would actually document those events the day of.
[FYI: It does make it a lot easier to do it day by day, which is why we have a blog in the first place.
But you did not hear that from me.]

Day One Hundred and Thirty Eight: Monday November 9th

I have a picture for this day. I really, really do.
But I'm not going to put it on here as it would give away a secret that will not be revealed until more things are set into motion.

Day One Hundred and Thirty Nine: Tuesday November 10th

Mr. C. was a little stressed, but we worked through it.

Day One Hundred and Forty: Wednesday November 11th

Well, yes, the Chandler boys had some serious fun with Rock Band on Wednesday.
Did the idea of fun stop the downstairs neighbors from complaining?
So, a little disgruntled, the three brothers finished their Beatles song and parted ways.
Sorry, Brothers.

We are a loud apartment... even when it's just Me and Mr. C.
Part of that is because we fake yell a lot.
Alright, it's real yelling.
But it's fake in the fact that we are not serious or mad.

We started fake yelling after we heard another couple swearing at each other. Embarrassed for them, we started yelling to beat their vocals- and we haven't stopped since!

My Wii Fit running and step aerobics aren't very quiet, either.
Sorry, Neighbors.
We just like a little fun now and then (and all the time)

Day One Hundred and Forty One: Thursday November 12th

I know I like him more than the next person, but how cute is Mr. C.?

Oh and P.S. ignore my weirdness/ugliness in the last picture. It's only there to prove that YES we wear a helmet. If only intermittently. Actually, the intermittently part is no longer true. I make Mr. C. wear his helmet almost every time he gets on the scooter now-a-days.

That's only because he's gotten into two (that I know of) wrecks (with the road) since April. He always says they're no big (or just doesn't tell), and comes home with blood and scratches.
Yep. I just outed you.

Day One Hundred and Forty Two: Friday November 13th

Friday was Mr. C.'s FAVORITE day of the week.
Not only did he get Cafe Rio for dinner (his first Cafe Rio of the week and my third Cafe Rio of the week) BUT he also got to watch The Other Boleyn Girl (I picked it and I am not ashamed).

He hid under the covers during the movie. If you look closely, you can see his eyes staring at you. He hates The Other Boleyn Girl since every part of the movie lies about what really happened.

Fact: Anne Boleyn had a sister named Mary Boleyn.
Fact: Mary Boleyn had an affair with the Henry VIII before he married Anne.

I think the similarities stop there.

Oh wait!
They don't!

They also had a brother named George.

Day One Hundred and Forty Three: Saturday November 14th

I caught up on some projects and it felt oh-so-good.
Then we went to the bookstore and read a lot of books but Mr. C. didn't let me buy anything. He said we needed food instead. I guess he was right.