Sunday, November 22, 2009

So Ready for the Break

At the Chandler household, we are tired.
[Somehow, though, we taught Sunday School at 9 am]
I've never been so tired in my life.
And Mr. C. is beginning to act loopy.
[Extremely loopy.]
So we are really, really excited for the week off.

I might just miss French [again] tomorrow since I've missed a million classes for legitimate reasons. Why can't I miss to pack and party? I loathe French.

I'll put pictures up soon BUT.
This week wasn't too exciting.
Meaning, I still haven't turned in my 4 page paper due on Tuesday
BUT I did manage to break a chair in our Film class
And I completely redid our bedroom when Mr. C. worked for 9 hours [BOO]

P.S. WHY do I always write in these weird lines?

[It's cognitive white space.
Does my vocabulary impress you?]